Wastewater and Sewage Lifting Stations


  • Tank Volumes are 400, 750 and 1000 lt.
    • Specially designed Tank Lid prevents leakage of odors.
    • Wastewater in the tank is discharged at shortest time.
    • Submersible pumps are mounted inside the tank via guide
    rails which enables easy installation and dismounting
    • A ball check valve on pump discharge line prevents return
    of waste water back to the tank. Therefore, working losses are
    minimized and pump life is extended.
    • 10m long hoisting chain and level switch with 5 m long cable are delivered alongside the pump
  • Please consult to our company out of existing models on the
    below table



  • Tank models for 1500 liter, 2000 liter or higher capacities.
    • Strainer system which will hold big solid particles in water
    while the waste water is entring to tank.
    • Stainless steel installation in the tank.
    • 3 pieces pear shaped level float switch in the tank.
  • Wastewater and Sewage Lifting StationsFIELDS OF APPLICATIONS“BLACKBOX” is a complete system with a Polyethylene closed
    tank which collects surface drains and wastewater below
    counter pressure level and pumps these to higher elevation
    sewage systems. BLACKBOX facilitates optimal usage even in
    narrow areas.


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