Control Panel For General Use


  • 16 bit microcontroller designed.
    • 48mhz running frequency.
    • 4×20 character blue screen LCD.
    • To see the date and time information on the screen.
    • 2 days a week to make the test (Real Time Clock).
    • Automatic test and selenoid valve exit.
    • 3-phase voltage reading and LCD these.
    • Voltage protection,possibility to enter the lower and upper
    voltage settings on the LCD.
    • Pump Circuit, fault and ready To see the status screen.
    • Pump currents screen to see.
    • Ability to enter indep endently the current settings on the LCD.
    • Recognition mode to calculate the pump current.
    • Possibility to limit the engagement number of the pumps in 1 hour.
    • Ability to determine the reset time at automatic resetting.


• Ability to reset nautomatically in error cases and to set the reset number.
• Automatic-manual selection.
• Manuel operation when pressing the test button at manuel.
• Protection agains dry operation without floater and ssr control.
• Protection agains dry operation without floater and ssr by
moment control.
• Screen to see ali the error conditions.
• With a buzzer and relay contact to notify the general fault
• Pressure transmitter input and use.
• Pressure transmitter to monitor the measured value LCD.
• To adjust the set pressure value.
• Tracking the operation time of each pump.
• The actual runtime depends on the co-aging.
• All pumps belonging to the PTC (temperature) protection.
• Waste vvater to be used as panel (menu option).
• Waste vvater panel water leak terminal.
• Password protection against unauthorized interference.
• Fault recording equipment with date and time the last fault
occurred 20 takes memory.


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