Twin Head Mounted In-Line Pumps


• INM – D series twin head mounted, in – line type centrifugal
• Formed by joining two standard INM series pumps with
collector parts.
• Special design composed of a common collector and
integrated check valves at each pump exit that provides for
independent operation.
• In case of failure of the pump the second pump goes into
operation, so the process does not come to a halt.
• Single suction, closed type impeller is equipped with rear
rings to balance thrust and is dynamically balanced.
• Maintenance – repair processes are very easy due to the back
pull out design.
• Standard asynchronous motors are used to set pump in
• The pump shaft is coupled with the motor shaft by means of
a special clamp. This coupling makes it easy to dismantle the
pump without removing the motor.



Suction Flange DN 40…DN 125
Discharge Flange DN 40…DN 125
Operating Pressure 10 Bar
Casing Test Pressure 13 Bar
Working Pressure -25 – 120°C
Flow Range 2x(2 – 320) m³ / h
Head Range 2 – 100 m
Speed Range 900 – 3600 rpm

• HVAC systems
• Industrial plants
• Swimming pools.
• Geothermal plants



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