Thermal Oil Pumps


  • Single stage, end suction centrifugal pumps.
    • Main pump dimensions are compatible with DIN 24256 (ISO
    • Single entry, closed type impeller is used.
    • Radial vanes are used behind the impellers to lower the
    pressure and to balance the thrust (axial force).
    • The pump and the motor are connected by means of a flexible
    coupling on a common base plate.
    • Maintenance of the pump is very easy. The shaft and other
    rotating parts can be removed without dismantling the suction
    and the discharge system.
    • Since the pump uses many standard parts, spare parts are
    readily available.
    • These pumps are designed so that there is no need for
    external cooling. Due to natural convection the pump
    temperature decreases towards the roller bearing


Suction FlangeDN 50…DN 125Discharge FlangeDN 32…DN 100Operating Pressure16 BarSpeed1500 – 3000 rpmFlow Range10 – 400 m/ hHead Range5 – 90 m

Thermal Oil Pumps



  • Transfer of heat transfer fluid.
    • Chemical installations and refineries.
    • Paper and sugar industry.
    • Food and pharmaceutical industries.
    • Leather industry.
    • Plastic and synthetic fiber industries.
    • Rubber industry.
    • Vulcanizing and heating industry.
    • Textile industry


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