• MiniUKM Series self priming wastewater pumps come
    with a compact design
    • Specially designed open impeller structure provides its self
    priming capacity without compromising its hydraulic
    performance. Maintenance and cleaning of the pump can
    easily be done thanks to its simple assembly and disassembly.
    • Usage of mechanical seal in these pumps, assures perfect
    sealing and a clean environment.
    • Stainless steel shaft is standard material in these series however bronze casting material is offered against corrosion for
    seawater applications


Flow Range 5 – 45 m3/h
Head Range 10 – 40 m
Speed Range 2800 – 3600 rpm
Suction Lift 7 m
Pipe connections 2” Suction-Discharge

Self-Priming Close
Coupled Pumps


  • Sewage sludge transfer pump
    • Bilge Pump
    • Ballast Pump
    • General Service Pump
    • Emergency Fire Pump
    • Cooling Water Pump


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