Nm mDrive Series


  • NM m-Drive series pumps are single stage, end suction,
    seal-less volute type pumps with magnetic coupling.
    • Single entry, closed impeller is hydraulically thrust
    compensated and dynamically balanced.
    • Main dimensions according to EN 733.
    • Pump and motor are connected to each other on a base plate
    by using magnetic coupling.
    • Pump can be dismantled without removing pump casing
    thus maintenance and assembly operations can be easily
    • Silicium carbide plain bearings which are lubricated by
    process fluid are used in NM m-Drive series pump.


• Thanks to magnetic couplings which are used in NM m-Drive
series pumps, zero leakage is provided. Outer magnetic rotor is
rotated by motor shaft and inner magnetic rotor is rotated
synchronously to outer magnetic rotor by magnetic forces
without any physical contact. Inside of the pump is isolated
from environment by containment shroud and zero leakage is

Suction FlangeDN 50… DN 100Discharge FlangeDN 32…DN 80Operating Pressure10 BarCasing Test Pressure14 BarWorking TemperatureUp to 300°CImpeller Dia.120-218 mm øSpeed Range1000 – 2900 rpmFlow Range10 – 200 m³ / hHead Range4 – 65 mMax Power18.5 kW

End-Suction Norm Centrifugal
Pumps with Magnetic Coupling



  • Transfer of corrosive, explosive, burnable, toxic, valuable,
    volatile and hot liquids.
    • Chemical and petrochemical industries
    • Detergents known as dangerous fluid in food facilities
    • Harmful gas cleaning systems
    • Biodiesel facilities
    • Heating and cooling systems
    • Power stations
    • Solar energy systems
    • Medical industries
    • Electrostatic applications of powdered paint
    • Cooling systems of carbon arc furnace


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