End-Suction Pumps Stainless Steel Sheet


  • The pump parts are made of high strength, high-quality,
    corrosion-resistant stainless steel.
    • Horizontal or vertical mounting options are available.
    • Thanks to back pull out, easy access to impeller and seal is
    provided without removing suction and discharge line.
    • Alignment errors are reduced and the smooth installation
    due to centered discharge outlet at the upper side and
    support legs under the casing.
    • High operating efficiency – low operating costs
    • The noise level has been reduced because of lightweight and
    compact design.
    • Using high quality bushings and o-rings, ensuring compliance
    standard pumping process and high-temperature and
    • When using only mechanical seal at monobloc model,
    mechanical seal or soft packing is used at coupling
    connection model.


Suction FlangeDN 40 – DN 100(TS EN 1092 – 2)Discharge FlangeDN 32 – DN 80  (TS EN 1092 – 2)Working Pressure 10 BarAmbient TemperatureUp to + 400 CFluid Temperature -200 C / +1000 CFlow Range 3 – 200 m3/hHead Range 10 – 70 m


NMP series stainless centrifugal pumps having a wide field of
application. This serie is used in the transport of water and
industrial fluids and can be worked on different temperature,
flow and pressure range. General fields of applications
are as follows.
• Water Supply: Water Filtration and transportation,
Pressurized the main channel
• Industrial pressurization: wetting and Cleaning System
• Transportation of industrial liquid: Textile Dye house,
Pharmaceutical, Food, Chemical, Water Supply boiler,
condenser, cooling and air conditioning systems,
transportation of acid and alkali-based liquid
• Water Treatment, Water Filtration (reverse osmosis) Systems,
Swimming Pools


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