• PS/PSH series pumps are vertical shaft pumps that operate by
    means of a special bearing system.
    • The suction flange and the impeller are within the outlet and
    are faced with a filter.
    • The pump shaft is connected to the motor by means of flexible coupling


Discharge FlangeDN 50 (2”)Speed1500 rpmFlow Range4,5 – 25 m3/hHead Range4 – 19 mOperating Pressure10 Bar (16 Bar)Impeller Dia Ø150 – Ø260 mm


Wastewater Sump Pumps


  • Drainage of dirty water pits in furnace rooms.
    • Pumping of residential and industrial raw sewage liquids.
    • Drainage in sewage treatment plants.
    • Pumping of liquids containing sludge and solid particle.
    • Pumping of waste water from factories.
    • Pumping of viscous liquids and suspensions.
    • Pumping of liquid wastes of dye installations.
    • In all kinds of drainage and discharge systems.
    • Paper and cellulose industries


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