• Single stage, vertical shaft processing pumps with open or
    vortex type impellers
    • The open impellers are connected to the shaft by a wedge.
    • The impellers are balanced according to ISO G 6.3. The back
    vanes of the impeller reduce the axial thrust and prevent the
    intake of solid particles.
    • The cranks are designed so as to maximize hydraulic performance. The gear connection with the discharge pipe enables
    the moving of the discharge pipe without having to remove
    the pump from the well


Discharge Flange DN 32 – DN 50
Working Pressure 6 Bar
Impeller Dia Ø 120 – Ø 150
Flow Range 3 – 100 m3/h
Speed 1000 – 3600 rpm
Temperature  900 C
Manometrik Yükseklik 15 – 50 m

Chemical Sump Pumps


  • Fibrous sewage discharge.
    • Industrial plants.
    • Tank evacuation.
    • Corrosive liquids.
    • Evacuation of bilge water in ships.
    • Chemical Slurries.


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