Automatic Priming Systems

• Vacuumax Automatic Priming System, that coupled to the
pump, through the outlet checkvalve and priming system with
diaphragm, enables to the pump automatic priming in dry
conditions and provides superior performance in deep suction.
• Thanks to Vacuumax there is no need to fill water into the
casing before the pump is running.
• Developed with special design Vacuumax Automatic Priming
System is automatically activated without the intervention
pump and Works by filling the pump casing and suction line
by the fluid (in the system).
• Vacuumax ensure the continuity of the flow by activating, if
suction pipe remove the fluid or there is leakage at the system.
• Shaft construction and bearings of the priming system with
diaphragm is designed to the equivalent of the pump life.
• Check valve system with ball, allows making the suction of
the pump system reducing to zero air and water flow between
the suction line and discharge line. When completely full of
water into the pump check valve opens the discharge line way
of the fluid by coming to the open position.
• When the pump starts operating suction system is activated,
the system is driven without the need for a second motor.
• The entire system has a more compact structure taking place
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